Nachbar Automotive

Vehicle Shipping Process


Nachbar Automotive often sells vehicles to customers outside of our market. To ensure that everyone understands the shipping process, please review our shipping process and policies below.


1. Nachbar Automotive has an administrative fee of $499 that will be added to the listed price of all vehicles. The shipping charge is calculated at $1.00 per mile from our zip code (66012) to yours.


2. For those customers who have a vehicle to trade, please email us the VIN number, current miles, vehicle options (leather, sunroof, navigation & etc.) & an overall assessment of the vehicle’s condition.  We will quote a trade value which includes the transportation back to Nachbar Automotive.


3. Purchase documents for customers paying cash are sent via email along with our bank’s wiring instructions. Please call to verify you have the correct wiring information before sending the wire. Purchase documents will need to be printed by the customer, signed where indicated, scanned and emailed back to us along with a copy of driver’s licenses and a current auto insurance card.  We will also accept a check for payment if it is sent to us via an overnight service.


4. Purchase documents for all finance customers will be sent via Fedex along with a self addressed Fedex envelope for shipping back to us.


5. Once we have received the signed purchase documents, driver’s licenses, insurance card and payment for the vehicle, we will post the vehicle for shipping on a website called Central Dispatch.  Transportation companies nationwide have access to this site and a transport company that is heading your direction will grab the load.  We will then email you the dispatch sheet that has all of the transport company’s information.  The delivery driver will contact you in advance by phone to coordinate the delivery of the vehicle with you.


6. When the transport company picks up the vehicle from us they will fill out a bill of lading on which they will notate any scratches, dents or damage they may find on the vehicle.   It is extremely important that you carefully inspect the vehicle when it arrives and notate any damage you may find before signing the bill of lading and allowing the driver to leave.  If you find damage on the vehicle that the driver did not notate on the bill of lading upon pickup, then the damage had to have happened during transportation.  If you do not notate it on the bill of lading before you sign it, you will have no recourse with the transportation company or with Nachbar Automotive.


7. All title documents will be sent via Fedex once we have received and verified the funds for payment.  This normally takes about 2 weeks from the date we ship the vehicle.

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